Magnus.... Christmas, Premium Box Sets, and November 18th...... A lot here, and from excellent sources.

via anonymous sources, translated from Spanish
Blood Bowl comes in pre-order on November 18th. Expect a mega party in stores and hobby centers as if it were a superbowl party: it will be a big release. merchandising with flags, pins, foam fingers and so on.

Christmas: Start Collecting Premium boxes: packs to build a pretty decent army. For example if a force now can cost about 280 $ with the new Start Collecting will be priced at ≈145$. Lots of minis, including heroes and monstrous creatures.

New scenery at competitive prices.

New sets of bases for heroes. Also competitive prices.

Packs of new paints and new line of Citadel Pigments.

There will be many more events throughout the year ahead. Sales and cut prices too. 

Finally: Magnus the Red arrives on Christmas (date to be confirmed).
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