What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

These models are a small part of my 400 manpower strong cadian detachment. It also contains 30 Tanks of different patterns including super heavies. There is a big part of forgeworld models like 3 troops of hostile environment troops to represent veterans. Half of the army is painted. It took me over 6 years of practise to paint them up to this level. I did repaint most of them over and over again for practice after stripping colours to keep them all at the same level. Feedback would be appreciated. Most of the tanks and troops are magnetized to swap weapons in between battles.
The pictures below are examples for the army.

1. Hostile environment HQ and Lord Commissar
2. Lord Commissar, close up
3. Lord Commander, close up
4. Magnetized Munitorum Priest, torch can be replaced by psyker staff with Aquila
5. Example Unit of Guardsmen with dedicated Chimera and Commissar (nearly every 10 man do have a chimera and half do have a commissar)
6. Squad of Sentinels
7. Hydra with detachable barrels to be a Wyvern

Best regards

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