There is quite a bit here. The one thing I was really looking to see here was a new edition for 40k, but this gives us a lot of insight to what might be ahead.

Thanks Squiggly for the rundown. There is a lot of Age of Sigmar listed here, and I have been hearing a lot of Warhammer 40k is coming.... "calm before the storm" kind of whispers.

via Squiggly on Faeit 212
I don't think Dark Angels are getting any new models for a while.

Rubics tail end of year, C.S.M revamp next. As others and I have said before.

There's not really any room this year. You have two lots of Heresy stuff, the first of which I think is soon. Although perhaps abit later than I was originally expecting. I heard the next 2 weeks of May are; ST Expansion and then the RoB board. So I don't think there coming this month, April-May just referred to the rules. I thought they'd drop with the rules but obviously not. Unless they come right at the start of the June, but I don't think that would work... On top of that; Fenris pt 2, AoS 2nd edition/3 ways to play/whatever you want to call it, Slyvaneth, Metal Duardin, A mountain of Tzeentch releases. As a GUESS maybe they'll get a repack for Chaos marines.

That's not even counting in for new codex launches for Genestealer Cults and Deathwatch (Not saying there this year, I have no idea atm.) Shadowkin, which will later tie into Slaanesh stuff. On top of that, more Greenskins, a Summer Campaign. I don't even think all that is going to fit in this year. Nevermind a CSM release, maybe a quick slapdash codex at most.

-Disclaimer: Releases are not necessarily listed in order.

Anyway, if you haven't all decided to flog me for getting my Heresy timing mixed up. AoS 2nd ed (It's not called 2nd ed, just my name for it) should drop mid-late June, Slyvaneth straight after leading into July, then the Summer campaign.

Slyvaneth will be everything Atia/Bob mentioned + new Dryads with sickle halberd things. I don't really know how to describe them. It's a staff/halberd with a moon/sickle shaped blade. Like the moon sigils of the ST Shadowkin models.

In all honesty I just forgot to put Admech on the list.
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