Forgeworld's Newsletter this morning gives us a large list of last chance to buy items, some of which have already sold out. The Black Templar Rhino Doors are already gone, and I am sure the Necron Sentry Pylon will be soon.

Last Chance to Buy From Forgeworld

Necron Sentry Pylon with Heat Cannon £50
Whirlwind Hyperios £43
Chaos Dreadnought Chainfist (Right Arm) £9.50
Chaos Dreadnought Missile Launcher £9.50
Ventarii Reaver Titan Maniple £1,160
Dark Eldar Raven Fighter £52
MKIV Ironclad Hurricane Bolters (Right Arm) £9.50
Colonel 'Snake' Stranski £5

No Longer Available
Rocket Launcher Sentinel £24 No longer available
Ork Weapon Set £19 No longer available
Astral Claws Land Raider Door £13 No longer available
Black Templars Rhino Doors and Front Plate Set 1 £13 No longer available
MKV Dreadnought Assault Drill (Left Arm) £9.50 No longer available

Transfer Sheets on Last Chance to Buy
Ork Transfer Sheet £13
Astral Claws Transfer Sheet £13
Elysian Transfer Sheet £13
Ultramarines Transfer Sheet £13
Astra Militarum Bravo Vehicle Transfer Sheet (Black) £13

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