This one may be a little hard to swallow, but it would be very cool. A Plastic Warlord Titan would be amazing.

via Ishagu on Bolter and Chainsword
Chapter Name: Ultramarines
A new HH box, similar to BAC:

-Forge Lord
-Assault Marines
-Tartaros Terminators
-Deredeo Dread (this surprised me!)

-Plastic Warhound Titan - in the works. (wow!)
-Ad Mech full Codex, new units, a robot bigger than the Kastellans.

GW have just acquired a new plastic print facility, more advanced than the last.
...just sharing 

From what I've been told it's now basically possible to re-create any Forgeworld kit in plastic, although initial costs are much higher in doing so.

Also there might be an additional HQ character in the next BaC style box, but I can't quite remember, my head was spinning lol 
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