A new app is coming May 21st bringing with it new heroes, skills, and treasure to your games. My Hero will be available for both iOS and Andriod, and free to download.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower: My Hero
Take your adventures in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower to the next level with this invaluable companion app.

Track your hero's progress through each adventure
Unlock over 35 additional heroes
Add exclusive skill and treasure cards to your collection
Free to download
For iOS and Android
Includes in-app purchases

The Warhammer Quest Silver Tower app allows you to create a hero and guide them through their trials in the sinister Silver Tower, tracking their dice, skills and treasure, and those all-important amulet pieces. Determine which skills and treasure your hero will carry over from game to game and add even more to your game with downloadable, app-exclusive skill and treasure cards. You'll also find more than 35 additional heroes to download and use in your games, from the sneaky Grot Shaman to the charismatic Sorceress, and many more.

Choose your Trial and follow your hero as he fights his way through the twisting labyrinth of the Silver Tower. Track their dice, collect their Treasure and Skill cards in an easy-to-read format and note which cards they will keep as they continue on to their next adventure.

Choose your hero from a huge selection. View their stats, weapons, Traits and Renown and whatever Skills and Treasures they've managed to claim during their dangerous quests.

View your Characters, Skill cards and Treasure cards. All ten heroes from the boxed game are included, as well as the thirty-six Treasure and Skill cards from the box – and more are available in the Shop. View all the details of everything you have available – select the right warriors and equipment for your next journey into the Silver Tower.

Add new options to your game! Choose from a selection of more than 35 new heroes, all based on plastic Citadel Miniatures from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar range. Buy packs of new Skill and Treasure cards to give you more ways to defeat the dread servants of the Gaunt Summoner. With so many additional options, no two games of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower will ever be the same.

iOS: You can download the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower app for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store.
Android: If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download the app from the Google Play store.
Any purchases you make within the app will be available on all your devices on the same platform, so you can read them wherever you go, on whatever device you have to hand.
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