Antonius is the name mentioned for next weeks big White Dwarf hint. So the question is out, and a few excellent sources have chimed in.

via Kroothawk on Faeit 212
the Space Marine Scouts are painted in red as Blood Angels. They have names from the Italian Renaissance ... like the Ninja Turtles. Therefore Antonius.
And it is indeed preorder 11th and release 18th, German GW website text translated "preorder" as "available".

You asked what the hint for next weeks preorder is about:
This is actually no secret: It's the small game "Lost Patrol" with release date 11th June.

Other Sources on Faeit 212
It's Lost Patrol ;)
Release is 18th of June so Pre-Order is 11th.

via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar
Howdy Guys and Girls - next week teaser is about Lost Patrol, which will be up to pre-order from 11th June, afaik.
Lady Atia
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