Starting up a Game Store is not a get rich investment, and most...... just don't make it. It's one of those "This will be one of the most difficult things to do in your life", if you decide to open your doors.

This may not apply in all areas, since I know there are not a lot of independent stores in some locations of the world, but there are around here (in Portland), so this may be a good discussion to have today. (my favorite around here is Red Castle Games and Ancient Wonders)

(also just to credit properly and support), this pic is from the Game Preserve in Indianapolis. I personally have not been there, but what a great pic of their wall of games

via a reader here on Faeit 212
Good morning. I want to post this anonymously, because I don't
want to cause any trouble with my (Friendly Local Gaming Store) FLGS.
I do game there after all, and I like the owners.


The purpose of this post request is to get fresh new idea for my FLGS,
from your followers that may actually run successful FLGSs. My FLGS
has some issues. Mostly, they complain about costs and problems, but
almost seem to strive to maintain mediocrity or worse. They have a big
gaming area (over 6 tables!) and stock a lot of GW as well as some
other popular brands.

First of all, they keep getting away from Warhammer 40000. This
is America, after all. 40k is the real money maker, IMHO. It is the
hobby that draws us in and exposes us to the rest of the hobby. If you
begin to think 40k is unimportant or pretend you gate GW, then that
feeling falls over to your customer. It's a vicious cycle from there
out. I know X-Wing and War Machine are run and exciting... but most
people I know they are secondary or tertiary collections from their
40k collection. Not pushing 40k heavily is just not smart business.

Second, when Age of Sigmar was released, they openly displayed
hatred for it. I know it is hard to like AoS for some people. But, if
you are a think you would pretend to like it. Your
trying to draw in customers! They did not even continue to keep
running Warhammer Fantasy Battles, so their enormous stock of WFB
miniatures sits on the shelves. Same with Lord of the Rings and the

Third, my FLGS is located in a prime position near a treasure
trove of 14-30 year old potential players. They never advertise, never
reach out to that crowd and try to pull in new customers. Like, bring
in a new player to spend $100 or more and you get $30 off your next
purchase of $100 or more. Bring in this coupon to get 20% off your
first purchase. Things like that. They used to be open all week, but
now they are open only on the weekends.

The only thing really going for my FLGS is their current
customers. They are the ones keeping the store afloat. They are coming
up with the new ideas and running the gaming scene.

My FLGS business mentality almost seems to be "You should be
thankful we are here and we are selling you stuff."

However, in my FLGS defense, I do not understand the inner
workings of the system from Supply to Pricing to their Rent on the

So I ask you, successful FLGS store owners, what do you do that makes
you stand out? What are your ideas?

Also, for my fellow customers, please rant about your FLGS whether
good or bad. Would love to see some discussion.

- Anonymous
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