These are some nice looking sculpts for Sisters of Battle players. These look fantastic, and just shows how much 40k hobbyists are looking forward to a Sisters of Battle release. Its been a long time since we have a good release, and it appears its going to be a long time still.

These are great models.

Grishnak Models

via SnotlingPimpWagon on Dakka
Here`s some info: 
They will be on the western market, definately. 
But at the moment, the guys from Grishnak are improving the production, so that every customer will recieve their orfder without it being late. 
ETA of such improvements being done is the end of june. 
Their own website is in the works, but it won`t have any direct sales/shopping carts to avoid you know whom. So emailing them will be required 

Paypal and qiwi are the two ways of payment. They will try to sell through ebay as well. 
The price tag will be around 1500 roubles, which is about 15 pounds at the moment. 

Unboxing Video

an Ebay listing for them which has a squad of 5 for around $45

This is lot of 5 resin cast miniatures designated as Iron Maidens
Lot ncludes 5 miniatures, each with helmeted head and set also indes 3 bare heads.
Each model armed with bolter gun and also set include 2 special weapon an n detail to make combi weapon
Base not incuded
Models is sculpted from scratch and do NOT include and detail from any other models.

Other Cool Models by Grishnak

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