Some interesting rumors for the Age of Sigmar, including the cost and time of the new AoS rule book, Ready to Play sets, and more.

via Froggars on Faeit 212 (thank you for sharing)
Alright guys, I know I'm no rumormonger so you don't have to believe me but here are some news:

- The AoS rule book with points will have official 6 scenarios, points
for everything, including Tomb Kings etc. It will cost 20 euros and is
huge. It's coming out end of June or July.

- Alarielle is not on a giant beetle, she's flying above it. She's huge, Nagash's size.

- A new set of collecting boxes are coming for AoS: Around 20 euros 
for a "ready to play" set. For example: 5 Liberators vs 5 Blood 
Warriors, etc. I forgot if they have paint in it too or not, but they 
will have scenarios and rules, everything to be played right away and 
initiate new players.

That's all I have for now!
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