Always a lot of fun, and not really game related, but its fun to share when shopping for a new sword. When doing so, one of the first places I look is the Kult of Athena, as their swords have a good reputation without going too crazy on the price. If you are looking for a sword, for fun or for use, this is a great site to spend some serious time on.

A small break from miniatures.

I like their black polypropylene training swords that we use against each other at the kwoon, and against other weapon types, like vs staff or sai. Ive also handled the Practical Sword below. However...... I am most likely going with the shorter heavier of the two, especially since it appears to have a longer handle. I prefer the extra weight.

Hanwei Chinese Oxtail Dao Broadsword


Hanwei Practical Kung-Fu Sword

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