The 9th Age is picking up a lot of steam with several companies that have officially declared their support for it. These include some really cool models from Shieldwolf Miniatures and Mierce Miniatures, which are companies I am familiar with, and a couple that I am being introduced to now because of their support for the T9A.

Companies that officially declared their support for T9A

Tabletop Miniature Solutions (TMS) -
User "Kanadian" in the thread. They are currently building up a high quality model range for Undying Dynasties (egyptian-themed Undead)

Shieldwolf Miniatures -
They announced their alignment with T9A and will produce models specific for T9A starting 2017

Mitosis Miniatures -
Like TMS they are a very new start-up with a smart business model (and highly modular miniatures)

Mierce miniatures -
They even give a -15% discount now for all buys with the 9th Age promo code

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