With all the leaks out there, Games Workshop has released images of the new heroes for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. All 6 are shown, and included here are new pictures of the game board and game box.

via Age of Sigmar Facebook
So, it looks like some pictures of the new Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower miniatures have escaped the labyrinth of madness and found their way onto the internet. (Clearly this was Tzeentch’s plan all along.)
But we don’t want you guys to have to squint at half-focused images taken by a gibbering camera familiar.
Here are some proper quality images of the new miniatures for you to gawp at.
We’ll have more news on the new game soon, so stay posted.
Start your quest in stores on the 21st May:
And meet the team behind the new game at Warhammer Fest:

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