If you dont occasionally read the Regimental Standard, your missing out. With all the Games Workshop releases focused around the Age of Sigmar its a great chance to relax, and dig back into some fun and often very creative ways to keep your guardsmen alive, even at the heels of a Warlord Titan.

Here is an excerpt of the latest.
For safety, you should take special care in the following circumstances:

When standing near a Titan armed with a Quake Cannon, you will be issued with earplugs. It is imperative you do not remove them, as when this weapon is fired, the shockwave emitted by the projectile’s passage can pulp organs and render brains to jelly.

When fighting alongside a Titan equipped with a Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, a weapon that unleashes the caged thermonuclear oblivion of a star, you will be issued with ocular solar shields. Even so, do not look directly at the blast. It has been estimated** this will cause your eyeballs to melt in their sockets.

If you witness a barrage of vortex missiles, and happen to glimpse the enemy’s last moments as they are consumed by the horror of the immaterium, you should immediately consume Special Ration Pack XIV. These small tabs will stave off any impending madness. A commissar will be on hand to help you administer the dose. 

To read the entire article follow the link below

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