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I recently got my hands on my bunch of Taurox Primes for my Scion Detachment.
I decided to try something new and opted for a winterish splinter-camouflage.

The base colours I used were Chaos Black Primer, then Army Painters Uniform Grey for 1st layer and at last Corax White.
Sadly I have made no pics while the masking Tape was on the model, but I can send you some of my Valkyrie Gunship, which I paint at the moment in the same way.

Next step was applying the Base Colours  for small parts and details and cleaning up the camo witch Chaos Black and Ulthuan Grey.

Next was brushing the whole model with skull white. Then I applied Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil from bottom to top. I let it dry some minutes, then cleaned the overflow and finally I applied small vertical lines with Nuln Oil for a rainy/dust effect.

This project has shown me, that trying out new stuff and seemingly hard to use  or new techniques is a good way to improve your hobby skills. Never before have I masked a model with tape.

See ya Space Cowboy

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