Apparently blowing up buildings so much is quite the American thing. Our UK players dont quite do it as often, but here stateside on this side of the pond blowing up buildings is an artform for Dropzone Commander.

With that in mind, The Dropzone Commenter crew has come up with a great detailed article on just how to do it, and do it well.

Here is the intro, so head on over and check out the latest (apparently American) tactics on building destruction.

Written by Alex and Will
Good day, Commander.  DZCasualty here to deliver today’s briefing encompassing a critical component of urban warfare that many officers overlook: demolition.  Because of the relatively recent arrival of wargames wherein the terrain is destructible, demolition, both as a means and an end, is a strategy that many are not familiar with. But you do know that your enemy jealously covets his objectives, his vantage points, and those pathetic little structures which will temporarily provide the pitiful wretch with little pockets of false security. So it’s important to realize that you must frequently bring it all down in the pursuit of victory. Everything should topple onto your opponent to crush his laughably ineffective forces and extinguish his annoying little spirit. Let’s get started.
Blowing Stuff Up, the DZC Way.

How often will a demolition strategy be useful?  Good question.   Let’s assume you will be randomizing or choosing scenarios from both the DZC base rule book and the Reconquest: Phase One book.  Let’s ignore the Orbital Laser and Monorail scenarios, because you’re new and likely don’t have those yet (Get them. They look great on the table even if you don’t play those missions).  In those two books, there are 18 “regular” scenarios.  In 13 out of these 18 scenarios, demolition will be useful.  In those 13 scenarios, you will need to either destroy structures and/or cause falling masonry to kill garrisoned infantry. That’s more than two out of three of all the scenarios.
So how often will demo be useful?  2 out 3 games…a.k.a. very often, Commander.
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