I occasionally get hatemail, but this one just about had me laughing on the floor. So I figured I would share. Normally I just delete and move on, but I thought tonight we'd give this one a little attention.

And to just to shoot Tim a response. Probably not a good idea to use your name on your email address, I hope that's not really the case. Also this not a way to inspire myself or anyone to even look at the game.

via my inbox from the competent Tim Bailey
great job keeping up with warmachine news,you assholes have nothing since 
april 2015,fuck you

asswipe | email address removed

Note: This email was sent via the Contact Form gadget on 

Well this went south
I am going through the comments to remove his website links that were posted. Tim is rather talented and I would prefer him to be able to keep on painting.

I did not expect him to have a website attached to the email that someone would find, much less Tim having his phone number listed on it. So yes, too much and too far.

So Tim, if you are still listening..... Even though I did not post the website (or even know about it), I apologize that it went that far.

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