Yes, I read this and thought..... hmmmm maybe he is hinting at something. So just so someone more astute can decipher the hints, here they are. I am still getting used to Disqus, so I hope I have all the comments here.

So what is coming? Perhaps we can get an additional hint....

via Squiggly on Faeit 212
First Comment and Hint
You'll be a sorta happy man then. Thinks this release w/ expanded options and you have your new codex.

Second Comment
Well fellas/gals it's gotta be said I'm kinda disappointed in all of you. ;)

You missed the best thing about this release. A set of Mk3 legs, or rather leg.

So we've had plastic Mk3 Legs, groinplate, heads and gauntlets now. Anyone would think it was leading up to something...

Perhaps Mk III armour is the direction of this. For info on the armor

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