A new box set, Start Collecting Orks is coming, along with a ton of other pre-orders! Wow, complete surprise this week as the Farsight Enclaves look like they are getting an update (everything is in German)

I am still going through the leaks myself, (this stuff always happens when I sleep)

On the list so far for Pre-Orders!!!!
Farsight Enclave Codex Supplement
Tau Empire Coalition Command
Start Collecting Orks
Grukk Face Rippa
Supremacy Tactical Objective Cards
Codex Supplement Ghazghkull with three new formations, three formations from The Red Waaagh!

Next Week's Hints: Black and Silver
Deathwatch vs Genestealer Board Game!!!!! .... Seems likely.

Check out the Leaked Images!!!!!
You can see more images here than I have seen updated elsewhere. Thanks Lady Atia

Also some here, which are easier to read via scanner

Farsight Enclaves

Grukk Face-rippa

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