The Ork Painmob sounds fantastic, unless of course you are fighting against it!. Check out the Ork formation that comes with the Start Collecting Orks new box set.. that goes live tomorrow.

You can read it for yourself over on War of Sigmar via Badtucker. Thanks for sharing it Badtucker.

Ork Painmob: 
1 Painboy
1 unit of Ork Boyz
1 unit of Ork Nobz
1 Deff Dread

Special Rules
Pile On Da Pain!
Once per battle, at the start of your movement phase, an Ork Painmob can 'Pile On Da Pain!'. When it does so, every unit from the formation that is locked in combat is allowed to Pile In and fight as it were a Fight sub-phase, but enemy units cannot fight back. Using this ability does not stop the Ork units from fighting again the assault phase of the same turn. 
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