The Battle for Vedros Full Starter set is all push click fit models that include a dreadnought, deffkopta etc. There are several additional packs that you can pick up as well. These are all going into Toy Stores and hobby retails around the US and Canada. There are a few other interesting things that have been altered for North American market, including the words "shoot to kill" being removed from the product.

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The Battle for Vedros Full Starter Set has push fit (or click fit) models, and in each there’s a Dreadnought and a DeffKopta, and everything you need to play the game.  “There’s no glue needed; there’s no sharp points; it’s made for kids eight and upwards,” Smithurst said.

The full contents of the Battle for Vedros display are:

4 Battle for Vedros Starter Set ($49.99)
4 Battle for Vedros Paint Set (water based, $29.99)
3 Battle for Vedros Space Marine Attack Bike ($26.99)
3 Battle for Fedros Ork Wartrakk ($26.99)
3 Battle for Vedros Space Marines ($9.99)
3 Battle for Vedros Ork Boyz ($9.99)
3 Battle for Vedros Ork Gretchin ($15.99)
3 Battle for Vedros Space Marine Bike ($14.99)
Games Workshop will use sales reps to sell the display into stores in which it has not previously had a presence.  The display will sell for US$350 net, including freight, a clean 45% off retail. 

Last but least: The Battle for Vedross is coming soon, this summer in fact.

Here is the Battle for Vedros site from Games Workshop

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