Pre-orders are up for most of the world, and the US will follow shortly. This week the Space Wolves get a collection of three characters, the Iron Priest, Ulrik the Slayer, and the Wolf Lord Krom. What is nice about this collection of releases is that a new Start Collecting is included. This gives me hope that my Dark Eldar will get one as well.

Pre-Orders This Week
Iron Priest £18.50
Ulrik the Slayer £18.50
Wolf Lord Krom £18.50
Start Collecting! Space Wolves £50
Grand Alliance: Death £10
The Beast Arises 3: The Emperor Expects £12.99

New Bundles
Champions of Fenris £379.50
Space Wolves Greatpack £271.50
Ancients of the Fang £117.50
Grimnar's War Council £64
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