There is quite a bit today of "No Longer Available" items on the GW webstore, and while most of it appears to be just low stock, there may be something to a few of these. Most appear to be box sets or bundles, that may just be gone in order to make room for new ones coming out.

Just something I am keeping an eye on.

On top of the list below, which was provided by Saint Steel (thank you), Chaos Space Marines are no longer available on the Australia and NZ sites.

from the Faeit 212 inbox
Today browsing the webstore I found the a lot of models that are No Longer Available:

Grey Knight Nemesis Vanguard

Leman Russ Squadron

Catachan Heavy Weapon Team

Astra Militarum Crew - Probably why the Squadron is going out.

Emporer's Children Lord

Death Guard Shoulder Pads

I thought it was alarming the amount of models from various collections that are being phased out. The boxed collections I understand, what with the new start collecting series, but some of these have me curious.
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