Shieldwolf Miniatures has re-launched their Shieldmaiden vs Orks with a short 16 day kickstarter. The project is nearly funded after a single of day, with a good number of backers. These are modular designs for the shieldmaidens, which I look forward to seeing how far they go.

We may even have a giveaway or two coming to tie into this kickstarter, so keep an eye out.

201 backers
$25,218 pledged of $30,000 goal
15 days to go

Shieldwolf is dedicated to getting this kickstarter right. To top it off, they are very serious about a giveaway for Faeit 212 readers. Once the kickstarter passes the 30k mark, it was mentioned that we will seeing several boxes of every plastic kit that the kickstarter has to offer for a random giveaway. 

So check out the kickstarter, the models, and keep a close eye out for additional articles and announcements.
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