Can't get enough of the Box games? There are two more planned, one for the Age of Sigmar, and a followup for the Horus Heresy still on the schedule for this year. Not only that, but the source of these, Sad Panda also clarifies that there will be Gene Cults here in the Deathwatch Box Game.

Future Box Games (I added months, since there are plenty of readers that are from the southern hemisphere that people tend to forget about)

1. Deathwatch/ Genecult Game coming most likely next week.
2. AoS themed Box Game This Summer (june-august)
3. Second Horus Heresy, possibly a follow up later this fall (sept-nov)

Sad Panda is an excellent source of rumors. If you need more on solid info on this coming game, follow the link.

via Sad Panda on Dakka
This is main studio project. It is in hard plastic and the miniatures can be used in 40K without conversions. 

People underestimate the lead time on those boxed games / starter sets in plastic. 

The Deatwatch game was finished by the time EF was released. 
The AoS-themed boxed game you'll see this summer was finished by the time the AoS starter was released. 
The second HH boxed game this fall was finished by the time Calth was released. 

The specialist games studio was launched a little more than a month ago. The teased Blood Bowl stuff was probably the first work this team did after starting their new jobs in January. It will likely be among the first things they will release, and I don't think they are aiming for 2016. 

Previously from Sad Panda
Deathwatch miniatures in the boxed game are all mono-pose characters (think Space Hulk, except with normal bases). Sternguard rumors are nonsense. One is possibly the first dedicated Blood Ravens mini by GW (feel free to correct me there. My GW-history-fu is weak)? 

Lots of cultists, a few pure genestealers, another new broodlord. 

Multi-part kits later this year. 
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