Alongside the Supremacy Tactical Cards, Ghazghkull Waaagh supplement, and the updated Farsight supplement, more has been revealed. This includes, new Ork and Tau transfer sheets, the Tau Empire Coalition Command, and more.

Here is the latest.....

Check out the link to see the latest pics, prices, right out of this weekend's White Dwarf.

via Scanner on Spikey Bits forums

Tactical Supremacy Card Set $16.50
Warboss Grukk's Boss Mob (Includes new Warboss Clampack) $50
Start Collecting Orks Box $85
Farsight Enclaves $33
Waaagh Ghazghkull Supplement $33
Tau Empire Coalition Command $60
Ork Transfer Sheet $20
Tau Transfer Sheet $20
Black Library Offerings:
Grey Talon (audio book) $20
Pharos Hardback $30

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

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