Additional details and updates let us know that there is a Stormcast Eternal release and something Khorne coming in March for the Age of Sigmar. It seems Orcs are more of a end of the month/ April release.

Im also wondering if we are going to see a second book for the Fenris Warzone. There is a lot of room to continue this story, and I was hoping that we would see more on it in March.

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I didn't think Orruks were that early. I thought it wad Sigmarines, then Orruks, then Heresy

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Eh, just got word that my first batch of O & G information was off a month. Sorry everybody, it will be April, not March. It seems like some Skaven repacks, more Stormcasts and something Khorne is coming during March.

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"Just to clear things up - there won't be just reboxes 'till Orruks kick off ... but filler for the AoS starterset armies and there should be the re-release of the broodlord soonish afaik." Atia

Sad Panda on Dakka
There should be a significant Stormcast-release sometime soon.

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Book, Big kit, some smaller kits and clampacks
"army release size, so similar to fyreslayers one. big kit and a few smaller ones and clampacks + bookS"

Darnok on Warseer
From what I've been told about Marchs O&G releases, we'll see a big monster, an infantry unit, a cavalry unit, and several clampack characters. Plus the obvious book of course.

It's about as much as the number of kits for the not-Slayers, which got a monster, two unit boxes and some characters. I expect this to be the "reimagining" of Greenskins for AoS.

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We will see new Kits in March. It's not a Book only release.

Orcs and Goblins / Destruction in March are the next release for Age of Sigmar.

It's a Orcs / Orruk only release.
The Orruk / Destruction release will Start in late March and last into April.
Orruks are a three weeks release

Before this we will see some repacks for the AoS Chaos fraction.
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