Tabletop Tyrant has a new case and foam coming, being launched by an already successful kickstarter. Tabletop Tyrant makes very affordable cases, and I have several that I have used for several years now. I have other cases as well, ie Battlefoam, KR Multi-Cases, and even a couple GW cases. What I like about the Tabletop Tyrant cases is that they are very functional, and the cost is reasonable.

These skirmish sized cases are running for £10 on their kickstarter and come with a selection of foam options. The best part is that expected delivery of the cases is March.... right around the corner.

149 backers
$6,911  pledged of $1,434 goal
4 days to go

Tabletop Tyrant
As well as a retail store Tabletop Tyrant has been working hard to make excellent and affordable Tabletop gaming accessories for the last 8 years.

Our most successful products have been the Tyrant and Dreadnought fabric cases which are distributed via our online store Gifts for Geeks. All of our foam is cut and glued in our warehouse in Leicester in the United Kingdom.

We have also added Squire Plastic figure case to the range and with your help we hope to launch our first cardboard carry case.
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