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I tend to make my terrain out of stuff that is on sale or I have laying around.

I made these out of old boxes from Games Workshop, packaging from my kids Christmas toys, Christmas wreaths (on sale after Christmas), roofing nails, used coffee grinds, and gallons of Elmer's glue.

Mix the coffee grinds with salt. You need at least 15% salt but I go more to usually 30% salt. You can also mix sand into this mixture to get different colors.

For flat terrain you glue some roofing tacks to the inside of a Games Workshop box and pour a large puddle of Elmer's Glue to fill the box.

I would fill a cookie sheet with the Coffee/salt mixture.

For LOS-blocking terrain, dunk the packaging in Elmers glue and over the cookie sheet with all the coffee grinds in it, I woul pile lots and lots of the coffee grinds mixture all over it. I would pile it on top of the packaging, then rotate the packaging so that the excess fell back into the cookie sheet. I would do this with all 5 sides. 

Then you can quick cure it by baking it in the oven for several hours at 250 degrees. This makes a funny smell that the wife will not like, so be warned.

You can do both the packaging and the GW boxes in batches.

Once you have taken it out. Set it outside to cool. 

Come back 24 hours later and check to make sure it has hardened.

Then you use a Dremel cutting blade to cut the roofing tacks down to about 1" in length.I then used the Dremel to cut the sides from the GW boxes leaving only a flat base with the roofing tacks (tree bases). 

For the flat pieces of terrain I brushed them with Elmers glue and generously applied the Coffee&Salt mixture as "flock". I did this in several layers.

I then applied Super glue to the ends of the roofing nails and attached the "branches" from the Christmas wreaths as small trees

I made them for my FLGS
And Books Too
Lafayette, LA 

Thanks a lot hope you enjoy the pictures


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