Horus Heresy range Will be starting up this April and May, with boxes labeled 30k and 40k. Additional information on how the Mechanicum will carry over into the new range as well. 

Thank you Squiggly for keeping us up-to-date. 

Via Squiggly on Faeit 212

HH range should kick off in the spring. April-May time. As you already know the Calth stuff will kickstart the range, with boxes labelled for 30k and 40k.
The plastic Mechanicum stuff was intended to work over as part of the core Heresy too.
So I suspect the Mechanicum stuff will get a repack alongside the Heresy releases, when they're released this spring. as the Mechanicum range. Rather than Cult Mech. and Skitarri. The Calth kits aren't exactly a "range" on there own.
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