The Battle for Vedros is live, or just about to go live since I was not able to buy a starter set this morning. You can however check out the webpage on the GW Webstore.

What is the Battle of Vedros?

via Games Workshop
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war! In the dying years of the 41st Millennium there is no peace amongst the stars, only brutal warfare and planetary conquest. The Battle for Vedros brings all the action onto your tabletop. You command armies of models in a game of daring, cunning and untold slaughter.

The Battle for Vedros Starter Set allows you to fight out battles between the mighty Space Marines and feral Orks. As well as great models for you to build and play with, it includes the tale of the invasion of Vedros and all the rules you need to play.

Once you have the Starter Set, you can also expand your collection with the other models and vehicles available (all their rules are in the Starter Set), whilst the Paint Set allows you to individualize your favourite models.

You will find all these reinforcements at your local store.

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