There are a couple new leaks out now for the Waagh Ghazghkull Codex Supplement coming this weekend. There are some that are revealing new flyer formations, and two for Ghazghkull that are not really all that new. 

Also the digital versions of Farsight and Ghazghkull appears to have received updates!

Leaked images can be found here for a couple of the formations.

Leaked Images
Ork Flyers

Ghazghkull Formations

Digital Updates
via a reader on Faeit 212
My iPad version the Waaagh! Ghazghkull got updated on Feb 23, "Updated to now include the content from The Red Tide." Just compared it to the book version from the special edition Ork codex.  The iPad version has the Great Waaagh!-band Detachment with 13 new formations plus the 6 of the previous 7.  Missing is the Green Tide formation.  Has the 11-16 tatical objective cards.

While typing this email, the Farsight Enclaves has an update, "Updated to be inline with the latest edition of Codex: Tau Empire."

via another reader on Faeit 212

Idk if you saw but the farsight enclaves update went live on the 19th. And 
there is some small but significant changes. The new Dawn blade detachment 
is really nice. But the two biggest changes I saw was no more restrictions 
on taking An'va or shadowsun and that they could take signiture systems 
from both the main book and the enclave choices. 
Also loving black library 

at because they updated 
my epub version to the new version for free.

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