Leaked images from next week's White Dwarf are flying around this morning, and even tracking down where they come from takes time when they are everywhere. So here is the latest leaked images, which are in German. Luckily for us, a reader has already sent us a translation, so that we can check them out.

An updated link here shows all the leaked images

Leaked images you can see here

However, its a closed group, so if you cant see them there, check out Waaaghgaming and Clan

Need a Translation?, here is what a reader from the community sent in.
Huge thanks!

WULFEN RULES! In German...
Special rules:
Know no Fear
Curse of the Wulfen
Sharp senses
Feel no Pain

Todesraserei/Deathfrenzy: If a modell in this unit is killed it can move up and attack at the end of the current initiative step. This even applies if the model already has attacked.”

Weite Sprünge/Leaping Bounds: This unit can run and attack. It also rerolls failed charge rolls.
May contain up to 5 more Wulfen…. 30p/m
Each model may take a salvo grenade launcher 2p/m
Each model may take one of the following:
Two Handed Frost Axe 8p/m
Two Wolf Claws 12p/m
Thunderhammer and Stormshield 20p/m
One Wulfen can be upgraded to Wulfen-Pack Leader with two Frost Claws 20p
This unit may take a stormwolf as a dedicated transport.

A Second Translation: Two are always better than one and they seem to match up. Thank you for sending this in.
I can more or less confirm the translation on spikeybits and elsewhere, and here is my own crack at it:

(? marks indicate areas where I found it difficult to read the image I found)

Rough paraphrases:
"When a model dies in the Assault phase, it can at the end of the current Initiative step advance/move/pile in and attack. It can do this even if it already attacked.”
They can “run and assault” and “re-roll” (I think it translates to “charge moves”)

"Hand Weapon” - could mean either Claws or Close Combat Weapon.

Special Rules:
And They Shall Know No Fear
Curse of the Wulfen
Feel No Pain.
(Can’t read the rest)

Wargear Options:
Take 5 extra Wulfen - 30pts/model
Can take a “Stormsplitter” weapon option at 2pts/model - I’ve read elsewhere it is some sort of grenade launcher
Two-handed frost axe - 8?pts/model
Two Frostclaws - 12?pts/model
Thunderhammer/Stormshield - 20pts/model
One model can become a Wulfen Pack Leader with two Frostclaws for 20pts
Can take a Stormwolf as a Dedicated Transport
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