A couple updates from Hawk Wargames!!! The Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter was extremely successful, and already they are getting ready to send the beta test rules out for the second half of February. Im on that!. Also the pledge manager is now up so that you can wrap up any choices you have on your pledge as well as add any add-ons to it. Exciting news.

There is also the chance that if you wanted to get in on the kickstarter, there is a link below under important information for jumping on board.

via Hawk Wargames

Thank you very much for supporting our Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter.
We are sending you this email, to ask you if you can tell us what you would like for your pledge value and where you would like your pledge sent.

In the Pledgemanager you can set your delivery address, select any options that come with your pledge, and also select your Bolt-ons. You can also add more Bolt-ons and pay for them via the Pledgemanager. You will be able to pay via PayPal and Card, and there is also a limited selection of Dropzone Commander items that can also be added to your pledge shipment.

So, without further ado:

Step 1:
Click on the link below to create your account linked to your specific email

Dropfleet Commander Pledgemanager
Step 2:
Enter your Delivery Address
Use the address wizard to confirm your delivery address using the above invite link.

Step 3:
Choose Your Options and confirm your pledge
The wizard will show you your pledge and allow you to choose any options that you are eligible for. Your pledge level once confirmed will then be fixed and added to your cart.

If you want to change your pledge options, you will have to remove the pledge from your cart before checkout and use your unique link from Step 1 and start again. You cannot checkout without the pledge level you selected during the Kickstarter.

Step 4:
Once you've configured your shipping details and confirmed your pledge, the next step will take you to the Bolt-On Store.

Step 5:
So that we can receive your order you must checkout. The value of your pledge credit will be added to your cart as a coupon. If you pledged £110 for a £110 pledge level the cost should show as £0. Likewise if you pledged £160 for a £110 pledge level you'd now have £50 to spend on Bolt-Ons. You can also add items on beyond what you have pledged, and pay for the additional amount via Card or Paypal.

Important Info
Please complete your checkout by the Pledgemanager closing date (Sunday 6th March 2016). If you do not complete the survey by this date, it is likely that your rewards for backing Dropfleet Commander will not be sent out when the main dispatch of rewards is sent out.

Thank you again for supporting this project. We can't wait to get it out into the world!

If you require any assistance completing the Pledge Manager do not hesitate to email us: ks@hawkwargames.co.uk

If you know someone who wanted to back this Kickstarter, or who couldn't pay via card, please use the link below to get a late backer pledge. This won't including all the great free rewards, but will allow the addition of KS exclusive items (like the Civilian Cruiser or the Faction specific Battlecruisers). This late backer pledge will also provide a slight saving on the full retail price of the game upon release too, as a thank you for your early commitment to Dropfleet Commander.

Here is the link to share: www.dfcpm.com

Kind regards, and happy Pledge Managering
The Hawk Wargames Team

Admiral Beta Day Information
Posted by Hawk Wargames
Dear Admiral Backers

Thank you again for your support in Dropfleet, and for your patience while we got the last bits of detail sorted for our 3 planned Beta Days. We would appreciate if you could email us with your preferred postal address for a second half of February delivery, in order for you to receive the Beta Rules Set. Also, please can you confirm the following pieces of information by email to events@hawkwargames.com:

Which Beta Day event you will be attending
The Full names of you and your plus one
(or if you are not using your plus one, please let us know this too).
This information is really important for us so that we can establish how many people are attending each event. Please let us know this information by Sunday 7th February at the latest.

Here is the information we have for each Beta Day:
UK Beta Day: Saturday 5th March
Croydon Conference Centre
Folly's End
5-9 Surrey Street

US Beta Day: Saturday 12th March
Crowne Plaza
1441 NE 2nd Ave
Oregon 97232

European Beta Day: Saturday 19th March
Intercontinental Dusseldorf
59 Dusseldorf

Provisional times for each Beta Day are: 10am-5pm, though a formal invitation with more information on it, will arrive by post with your Beta Rules Set. This is scheduled to arrive to your address in the second half of February.

Present at these Beta Days will be demo armies, painted miniatures and the Hawk Wargames Design Team. We are really looking forward to these events and look forward to welcoming you to the first Beta experiences of Dropfleet Commander.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and being able to get your Beta Rules Set out to you.

Kind regards
The Hawk Wargames Team
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