There has been a lot of small bits, and some solid rumors as well (thanks squiggly), that we are going to be seeing Space Wolves very soon. This is great, and I have been getting more and more bits that all seem to be pointing at the same thing. Space Wolves.

Grimnar's War Council is now also Sold Out and No Longer Available. As is 

A response from Games Workshop
Thank you for your email. I'm afraid that at the moment we do not have any 
information about the Space Wolves Long Fangs or when they will return from 
their latest hunt - all I can recommend doing at this time is keeping an 
eye on the webstore and White Dwarf as all the latest information and news 
is advertised on there first.

I'm sorry I cannot be of more help this time,
Kind Regards

Kinda suspect that they aren't saying if or when they'll be back but to
look out in WD for news.

This pretty much gives more weight to new Space Wolves in Q1 and new Long

Fangs at least!!

Additional information we have had lately!

via Squiggly
Personally I'd go for Metal Dwarves and Space Wolves. 

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