One of the most exciting things, and really the biggest benefits of running a site like this, is that I have the opportunity to meet and talk to some really great people that are deeply involved with the hobby. There are a lot of great people in this hobby, and I have met many of them in person, and many more through either phone conversation or email discussions.

It only follows that when this happens, you find common ground, and that is just the what happened with the guys that run and moderate 40k wiki. Long story short; 40k wiki will now be the official the source of 40k lore and background for Faeit 212.

Now that may seem like its just all talk, but what it means is that you will see a lot more dedicated information between us, and on this site a lot more background details and easy to find information on related articles. Already you may have seen a 40k wiki link on the front page or in articles. These are not sponsored or paid for slots, but are meant to be a resource for readers on the site.

Warhammer 40k is a huge universe, and 40k wikia is the best way to dig in and discover anything that you want to know about it's background and story. I also know that many of you in this audience have an incredible amount of knowledge about everything 40k, so dont feel shy about contributing there either. Your contribution will Benefit all of Mankind.

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