A lot of this coming weekend's White Dwarf has been shown, but a couple more images have appeared with more details for the Balance of Power Campaign book for the Age of Sigmar. AoS fans will want to check this out to get a good idea of what factions will be involved in the new campaign book.

The Realmsgate Wars: The Balance of Power $74
The Quest for Ghal Maraz is continued with the battle of Chaos vs Order, with the Hallowed Knights being defeated alongside the Sylvaneth. It appears the factions involved will be the forces of Stormcast Eternals, Chaos Daemons, the Seraphon, and many more, including the new Fyreslayers. The Forces of Death even get involved.

Check out the leaked images below to get the details that this weekend's White Dwarf reveals about the new book.

via Scanner on Spikeybits forums
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