Everyone has a limit, and the worst part is that they are often pushed more by extraneous circumstances than by the more immediate ones. While I realize this, the comment section really has gone over the line, to the point that many people feel like they can not comment. Yea, I used "feel". No victimization intended.

I have no intentions of limiting critical thought, analysis, or conversation regarding the hobby. What is distressing is when the conversation leaves the hobby, and instead is directed more at the individual rather the topic. Then a back and forth of one shot punches take place, and despite these comment threads being removed, they jump articles into the next topic, and then the next, and so on.

The one thing that I have found in this hobby over a couple decades or so, is that practically everyone I have met in person tend to be great people, even those "rougher around the edges." I truly believe that the toxic conversations any two of you are having would not occur face to face, however the internet provides such a level of buffer and anonymity that comments can quickly devolve.

Ive wasted a tremendous amount of time tracking conversations. No solution will solve all of it, I don't have those expectations. Nor do I plan on engaging myself into any or every melodrama that takes place. I don't live that way.

So to make this not a wall of text.....

I have installed Disqus onto the site to help moderate, and give myself more options. It is a much smoother program once running on my end to operate and interact with than blogger. There does seem to be a problem with bringing in old comments, and I will attempt to recover those, although it may take awhile.

My plan is not to hover over the comment sections. I hate that, and I am certain that you guys do as well. Disqus though provides much more moderation capabilities that I don't have to go into. There will not be a "Natfka" is in a bad mood today and everyone gets banned. I don't want to be the police, and I won't. I will however moderate the comments and if necessary remove someone (hopefully only temporarily) when comments devolve into meaningless poop flinging contests.

I am aware that mobile comments are hard to see atm, and I will fix that as well.

Please let me know in the comment section of any problems or concerns you are having regarding comments.
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