We have talked about these products before, and I have used them myself. They are great plastic base adapters, especially for all my older marines (which is a lot). The latest news though has Tabletop Adapters releasing a new Free STL files for 3d printing yourself! That means you can literally print your own 32mm and 40mm adapters.

News Release via Tabletop Adapters
Since we sold out in November, I am happy to say that our 25-32mm Adapter is back in stock! But there is far more exciting news!

We have now released FREE STL files for 3D printing your own 32mm AND 40mm adapters. The 32mm Adapters consist of two versions, a standard plain adapter without bottom, and a improved version with a bottom that should be able to click together - without requring glue. The 40mm adapter is made for 25mm. If anyone e.g. have old terminators who needs a new base! It utilizes the same style as our produced adapter. http://ttadapters.com/index.php/digital-download/

We are putting our designs up for sale on Shapeways, a leading website for 3D printing. They store the design, and make them available for purchase, shipping a 3D printed copy for you. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ttadapters

BUT! We also put them up for FREE download. So at the Shapeways page, you can download the STL file to print these adapters yourself. If you have 3D printer at home or another tool, just put in the file and print it! All you need is a user to login and click download!

We are exiting to hear what the community thinks about it. Do they find 3D print an option and how would they use the design. It's a way to get a lot of adapters out, that otherwise has a too small market.

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