This is very interesting and interesting, as it appears that Games Workshop is trying to expand into other hobby stores and markets. It will be interesting what that will mean, but the Nurnberg Toy Fair in Germany was apparently the place to be today.

Frank over at Tiny Plastic Spacemen are on the scene and have a fanstastic report on what is going on there with the new 40k Build+Paint miniatures, and a good look at new Blood Bowl minis.

Interestingly enough, the Build+Paint miniatures product line is geared towards kids apparently.

Head over there for the full report and a ton more pics.

Also a big thank you to Frank Ramsay for bringing this to my attention today.

via Frank on Tiny Plastic Spacemen
"They’re not aiming these sets at gamers or even 40K players, the guy I talked to reminisced with me about playing with his Airfix models fighting dinosaurs and getting blown up by Action Man howitzers. These are for little kids to spot next to the Airfix sets in hobby and craft stores and potentially bigger retail chains as well."

"We’ve been to talk to the GW guys just now and spoke with the person who is the main contact that is listed on the flyer. GW *are* aiming to get into big-box, high/main street retailers as well as ‘normal’ model & hobby shops."

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