There has been a lot of hype about the new Space Wolves coming. Its been big and the new Wulfen units are extremely strong and powerful according the rules we have seen so far. 

Please remember that Presence of Faeit is an editorial and today will be brief. (I am up on the Mount Hood snowshoeing this weekend, and will be back tomorrow.)

Curse of the Wulfen
Curse of the Wulfen is the new campaign book coming, and the information we have seen reveals its daemons against the Space Wolves with even some Dark Angels thrown in there. That sounds like a great campaign book, and a good start to 2016 for Warhammer 40k. With Space Wolves front and center a lot of Wolf players are Im sure very excited. While Space Wolves are not one of my own armies, I miss the days when they were feared on the table as an opponent. Of course these new Wulfen will rip apart the close combat forces of my own armies but it's a little too early too pass judgement on them on a vacuum. 

I also will be watching closely to see what other armies are brought into the campaign, even for future books. 

Age of Tyrants
Age of Tyrants is a new kickstarter game with a miniature range set at 6mm. It looks like a great game with innovative mechanics, focusing on combined arms to win battles and get the most out of your units.

What I appreciate is that John Roberts came to Faeit 212 and answered questions and concerns. He was very straight forward, and respectful, even with critical comments. Definitely a plus in my book, and I think we will be following more on the Age of Tyrants, as it seems like he has a hold on what needs to happen to make his game successful.

To see more on the thread where he answers questions here is the link.

The rules are now up for people to test and take a look at. While I have not had a chance to check them out, I will be soon as soon as I am no longer mobile (sometime tomorrow). 

Thank You
The comment section has been very healthy of late. With the new changes, and increased participation, I have actually enjoyed reading through them. So thank you to all those that are getting involved. 
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