The more I see of the massive Magmadroth the more I like the model. It is a very nice model, and would make a very nice centerpiece to an army. The Magmadroth is up for pre-orders now, along with the Battleome: Fyreslayers.

Interestingly there are also a number of repacks today.

New Pre-orders for the Age of Sigmar

Magmadroth £65

Battletome: Fyreslayers £30
Battletome: Fyreslayers (Tablet and Mobile Editions) £24.99
Battletome: Fyreslayers (Enhanced Edition) £29.99

Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Fyreslayers £15

Repacks- with round bases
Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead £65
Deathlords Mortarch £48
Morghast Harbingers £36
Morghast Archai £36
Spirit Hosts £16

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