With the Grand Alliance Chaos coming to the Age of Sigmar and the releases moving to 40k for the next week or so, there are a few more Chaos Miniatures that may be getting updates. These miniatures are listed on the GW webstore as a Last Chance to Buy.

The Miniatures are Throgg, Galrauch, the Forsaken, and Tretch Craventail. There are some other events that could be tied together, and like always we are trying to divine future releases, so here they are all together.

via email on Faeit 212
while looking through the new Grand Alliance section on the GW page i 
noticed Galrauch was nowhere to find.
After looking a little more i found that some Chaos Minis have been 
moved to the "Last Chance" section of the Online store.
Its very likeley that these minis will be out of print soon.

Namley the Minis are:
Throgg, Galrauch, Forsaken and TretchCraventail

Also from the comment section. Related events?

via James Peake on Faeit 212
Hey Natfka, don't know whether you've been told this, but in the latest rejuvenation of the GW site, they have been renaming a load of the Old World characters. A prime example would be in these new Skaven factions, where almost all of the characters are now nameless. Ikit Claw = Arch-Warlock etc

via Xelotath from the Faeit 212 inbox
Hi I was looking on the gamesworkshop website today expecting the chaos warshrine and chaos Lord on a manticore to be available for pre order, repackaged with round bases.
However the models apparently don't seem to exist anymore. Even when searched from google it says "all records expunged". Thought I would let you know in case this is of interest to you.

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