It seems like we are pulling teeth for information for the next 40k release. The latest intel is saying that we will get no new codex for Space Wolves, but rather an expansion book. Earlier information today here on Faeit 212 has this Campaign Book being called the "Curse of the Wulfen".

via Darnok on Warseer

I've been told the SW will not get a new codex, but an expansion book - I guess similar to the last Tau update. There will be new models, but I have no details about them (yet).

Compilation of Space Wolf information

If you take this and combine it with today's earlier bits, we get this compilation from here. Of course we will add Sad Panda's Space Wolves coming in February bit too.

-Space Wolves coming in February
-Curse of the Wulfen- Campaign Book
-Space Wolves vs Daemons with new Detachments for both.
-New models coming
-No new Space Wolf Codex
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