What is House Cawdor and just how what will they be like? The Warhammer Community Team focuses in today on them. However..... the one question I have is just how big are these miniatures, a size comparison would be good to see at this point.

via the Warhammer Community Team

The latest addition to the underhive of Necromunda, House Cawdor are renowned as religious zealots, clad in rags and carrying cobbled-together weapons. But what drives them to join the gang warfare in Hive Primus, and what are they fighting for? Owen Barnes of the Specialist Games team joins us to explore the Cawdor:

Owen: House Cawdor is populated by scavengers, scrap farmers and bone-pickers, bound together by the holy word of the Redemption. By far the most populous of the Necromundan Clan Houses, though also the poorest, the House of Cawdor sifts through the rubbish cast down from the hive city, finding treasure amongst the trash and trading it back to its former owners. It is a distasteful but vital role within the ecology of the hive cities, and one the House has jealously claimed as its own.

Doomed to a lifetime sifting through midden heaps, the citizens of House Cawdor nonetheless take great pride in their labours, taught as they are that by their suffering they are blessed. This is the foundation of the Cult of the Redemption, and while more cynical minds might see it as merely another means of control, those brought up on its teachings see it as the only chance they have to earn a place at the God-Emperor’s side.

The gangs of House Cawdor are much like the unwashed masses they were recruited from, each one a murderous ragman willing to do whatever their masters require. Necks hung with nooses, weapons covered in nails and coats draped with lit candles, a Cawdor Ganger bears all the hallmarks of the Redemption and its tenets of doom. Being the poorest of the Houses, however, means Cawdor weapons often leave something to be desired, most carrying refurbished autoguns, scavenged stub pistols, or knives and clubs cobbled together from scrap. Of course, this has also made Cawdor gangs inventive when it comes to finding ways to kill their fellow hivers, and their arsenals include crossbows that fire all manner of munitions, an abundance of cheap flame weaponry and even bombs taped to the backs of rats! Perhaps the most iconic weapons wielded by the Cawdor are their polearms. Fashioned to mimic the blades carried by Imperial saints (as pieced together from images found on shattered stained glass windows and the torn pages of holy texts), these ramshackle weapons are perfectly capable to taking an enemy’s head off with a well-aimed swipe or unleashing a torrent of bullets into their face – sometimes both at once!

Other Houses and their gangs tend to look down on House Cawdor, though the smart ones never underestimate them. They might not carry the biggest guns or most advanced tech, and individual Cawdor Gangers might be on the scrawny and undernourished side (even by the dismal standards of Necromunda), but they fight with the fury of believers and, like rats, for every one you can see, there are three more lurking in the shadows. Cawdor Leaders hold a special place among their crews, even more so than most gangs. Usually carrying some cobbled together icon of the Redemptionist Cult, they are the rallying point for their kin, driving them at the enemy and keeping them in the fight when the bodies are piled three deep. In time, a Cawdor gang might even rise to the notice of the clan’s word-keepers, earning a benediction from the Thane of Cawdor himself and taking their eternal place among the scrap-saints of the Redemption.

If this mix of religious fervour, fanatical devotion and, er, dumpster diving appeals to you, you’ll be able to pre-order the new Cawdor Gang this weekend. And if you’ve yet to join the gang warfare of the underhive, you can order your copy of the Necromunda boxed game right now and get started. Keep an eye out later in the week too, as Owen will be back to tell you about how to use a Cawdor Gang in your games of Necromunda.
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