Forgeworld has always been good with customer service with me and from most of what I hear from readers and elsewhere online. Hopefully this is just a minor slip up. So my word to Forgeworld's response team.. take a minute longer please and make certain you are responding to the actual questions being asked and please dont send us a form letter.

Letter in from a Reader here on Faeit 212
I asked Forge World about some of their recent baffling decisions on Last Chance to Buy given how today's items actually contain a few popular items, and how some of us get screwed by the decision of "sell what's left, no warning, and only the stock available" while we are asleep and can't even punch in an order.  To say the least, I'm disappointed at the fact that they sent me a response that I've seen somewhere before: on your very blog! 

They sent me the EXACT same response that they sent in to another viewer of yours who in turn had sent you their response.  I know that having some prepared responses can be a good thing, but to reuse the exact response weeks later, and when the person has a different kind of email content?

I've got their response below so you can see that all they did was change the names involved.  This isn't Forge World's normal as they are extremely good about customer service and have ALWAYS been very personable and kind.  I hope this isn't a shift from what has always made them easy to deal with.

Response via Forgeworld after the latest rounds of Last Chance to Buy
Here at Forgeworld we are constantly reviewing our range. New products are added and sometimes products are removed due to various reasons like the master molds having sustained serious damage over time, shrinking, and even as simply as we need to make room for bigger and better kits.

Of course we never like to say never and products like this may come back, however these particular iterations of our range will not be sold again I am afraid. We do take onboard all feedback though, so we will forward your email on to the relevant teams so that they are aware of the demand for these items.

I am sorry that we cannot give you the answer you were looking for, but hopefully you will enjoy the new miniatures coming up even more! After all the Emperor does Reward the Faithful!

Kind Regards,
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