Thousand Sons are up next as being currently one of the two only factions that are able to take part in the psychic phase of the game. That could be a big deal!

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As Magnus and the Thousand Sons assault realspace en-masse, countless smaller warbands of Rubric Marines, Sorcerers and Tzaangor conduct secretive missions across the galaxy. Some are renegades, others, hunters of arcane treasures – while some undertake missions of desecration and destabilisation on the orders of Magnus himself.

In our final Kill Team Focus (for now…), we’re looking at how the Thousand Sons fare in the new game of skirmish warfare in the 41st Millennium, checking out why you might want to pick them, their Tactics and the units you’ll be able to pick.
The Thousand Sons are one of only two Kill Team Factions (so far…) that can take advantage of the Psychic phase, smiting enemies with the deadly Psybolt power.
Even without their psychic powers, Thousand Sons kill teams are deadly against armoured targets thanks to their armour-shredding inferno boltguns.
No two Thousand Sons kill teams need be alike. You could field a herd of Tzaangor led by an Aspiring Sorcerer, stock up on Warpflamers and Rubric Marines – or go for some other combination of the two.
Taken as part of a Rubric Marine squad, Aspiring Sorcerers are perfect leaders for a Thousand Sons kill team, smiting your foes with sorcerous bolts.
2+ saves in Kill Team? Yes, please! Rubric Marines are incredibly hard to kill and tear through armour with warpfire-enchanted weapons.
Fast and pretty solid in close combat, Tzaangor compliment Rubric Marines perfectly, as well as having access to nifty specialisms like Medic.  

We’ve all been there – you’re ready to unleash a deadly gout of flame…and then you roll a one for shots. Best use this tactic to be safe…
Should your opponent manage to finally down one of your Rubrics, this Tactic is a great way to keep them in the fight.
You’ll find the rules for your Thousand Sons in the Kill Team Core Manual, available to pre-order right now, while for your kill team itself, you’ll want to pick up a set of Rubric Marines for starters – and maybe some Tzaangor, too.

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