Drop Force Imperator is the he Astra Miltarum Kill Team starter set. It will be available for pre-orders this Saturday and includes unique options for playing Kill Team.

Here is a preview of those unique options from the Warhammer Community

via the Warhammer Community team

This starter set is designed to be the perfect way to either kick off or expand an Astra Militarum kill team. Inside, you’ll find a set of five Tempestus Scions cast in coloured plastic and containing all the components you need to arm them as you wish. You’ll be able to build yours as the specific Drop Force Imperator kill team with prefilled Datacards, or add them to a kill team of your own invention.
You’ll also find terrain, Astra Militarum themed tokens and a set of Tactics cards, including unique options you won’t find anywhere else – speaking of which…

Drop Force Imperator features a set of exclusive Tactics that any Astra Militarum kill team can use. Sir, Yes Sir, for example, allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your orders and rewards you for some careful positioning…
Reconnaissance Protocols, on the other hand, is great for making the most of your Militarum Tempestus models, allowing you to take choice positions (or set up a power-fist armed sergeant for an early charge) at the start of the game.
You’ll even be able to benefit from unique interactions with terrain in the set – Mission Critical Supplies transforms a humble Munitorum Armoured Container into a key strategic lynchpin:
Drop Force Imperator will be available to pre-order this weekend, while the Core Manual for Kill Team – where you’ll find the rules for your Astra Militarum – is available to pre-order right now

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