Finally we reach my favorite of the armies.... the Dark Eldar! The Drukhari of course will be my army of choice. Now if I could only bring a Raider Transports! (joking, and referencing the comments in previous previews)

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Insidious, mobile and used to daring strikes behind enemy lines – the Drukhari are perfectly suited to the vicious close-quarters action of Kill Team.

In today’s Kill Team Focus, we’re looking at how the elite squads of the Dark Kin fight, from their main advantages, to the units they can use, to their sinister Tactics…
Like in Warhammer 40,000, the Drukhari benefit from some unique special rules with Combat Drugs to boost their Wyches and Power From Pain – which makes you stronger as the game goes on.
If you’re willing to take a few risks to win, you’ll love the Drukhari. An archetypal “glass cannon”, these guys have brutal shooting and deadly melee to make up for their relative defensive fragility.
Drukhari kits are designed to be compatible both with each other and a huge range of other models, making converting up a distinct-looking kill team easy.
Wyches are BRILLIANT in Kill Team. Fast enough to stay in cover, if you get these guys into combat, it’s pretty much game over for your foe thanks to their high number of attacks, invulnerable saves against melee, and deadly special weapons like razorflails.
Armed with cruel splinter rifles, Kabalites always wound their foes on a 4+, making them great against tougher kill teams. Special weapons like Dark Lances and Blasters, meanwhile, are among the most powerful in the game.
Often in Kill Team, you’ll have to choose between staying in cover and dashing out to make the best possible shot – with this Tactic, you’ll get to have it both ways!
Really need an armoured opponent dead? If you can beat their Leadership on 3D6, this Tactic will let you take them down.
If you’re looking for a shooting-focused Drukhari kill team, you’ll find everything you need in a set of Kabalite Warriors – likewise, for a melee-based force, Wyches are a great place to start. From there, literally any other Drukhari kit (any of them!) is packed with great bitz for converting and customising your kill team – so go wild!

Prefer hunting xenos to playing them? Check back tomorrow, when we’ll be looking at the Deathwatch – the original kill teams.

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