Another great model for the 2018 Summer Raffles is up today to take a closer look at. The 40k Primaris Captain is a great model to get tickets for, especially if you are bidding on the Primaris Ultramarine Army.

There is a limit of 500 tickets only... so I will let you do your math on this one.

2018 MODEL: 40K “PRIMARIS CAPTAIN,” Ultramarine
Donated and Painted by: Roman Lappat of Massive Voodoo
$2 Tickets; Only 500  will be sold
On July 1, 2018: Purchase tickets here
Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders

This Ultramarine Primaris Captain is one of a kind. Internationally-renowned artist, Roman Lappat, put a lot of heart into the conversion work – as well as the paint job – to make this Captain stand out beside all others. This work of art is both unique in appearance, and even more beautiful for the painting knowledge that guided the colors. Note the strong zenithal light, OSL, true material damage, and freehand work which created the atmospheric base.
This would be a great piece to study, a gorgeous piece for display, or – with its removable plinth – a model on the gaming table.
Our thanks to Roman Lappat, who is returning for his fourth year as part of the NOCF Artists’ Consortium

Here is the full list of 2018 Summer Raffles and what you can do to join in and support NOCF

There are lots of other great raffles going on as well and you should probably make certain you get your chance on a several of these items.
Here are some important things to note:
• These are RAFFLES, not auctions. It's "everyone with a ticket has a chance to win".
• Tickets can be purchased from ANYWHERE in the world via the website (
• You DO NOT have to be present at NOVA Open to win. We WILL ship anywhere in the world with a valid mailing address.
• Tickets are either $2 and $5 and may or may not be limited
• Our aim is to send 95c from every dollar spent on raffle tickets to the charities designated. The other 5c goes towards covering Paypal fees and shipping costs.
• Tickets will be on-sale July 1st and will finish at the end of the day on September 1st. Drawings will be done and announced on September 2nd. Winners will be contacted individually in the following days.

30K Iron Warriors
30K World Eaters
40K Deathwatch
40K Ultramarines
Hordes Trollkin
Infinity Yu Jing
Star Wars: Legion
SW: X-Wing (work in progress – check back for updates)

2 Beautiful Detachments
Dark Age Brute Court of Freton
Wrath of Kings Celestial Host

12 Amazing Individual Models
30K Nathaniel Garro
30K & 40K Warlord Titan
40K Blood Angel v. Death Guard (Diorama)
40K Bolt Pistol (Prop)
40K Hive Tyrant
40K Mortarion
40K Trajann Valoris
40K Ultramarine Primaris Captain
CMON Red Bull
Darksword Frog Jester
Reaper Orc Berserker
Star Wars: Legion Darth Vader

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